Monday, November 1, 2010

Identify the childs dreams....

I received a call from one of my friends last week, after our regular phone talks, my friend was sharing information that his uncle's son was not focussing on academics properly and getting poor marks in various subjects and his uncle is very much worried whether he will get through the board exams this year and have been tortured with scoldings.

Post the phone talk, I gave a thought about it for few minutes and that came to my mind. Is clearing the board exam is a requirement and with high marks ? ofcourse there are lot of scope available if one clears it with high marks. But if academics is not a cup of tea for some and has a different focus, parents should not expect more from the child and allow them to pursue what they are interested in, and identify their areas of interest, rather than boiling them in a pressure cooker.

Myself and some of my friends, who got poor marks in the academics, they have settled down well, working with some good reputed companies and in very good roles. End of the day parents wish is to make sure, that child is not dependent on anyone.

Why dont Parents and Children change their vision and thinking, that academics is "Just a degree" and not a life. This will make sure, that child is free to pursue whatever is better suited to him or her.

Friday, October 29, 2010


I recently happened to read an article saying that 4 Aussie cops have been dismissed from their work as they had circulated emails which had racist verbiage and Indian high commision has raised a concern to Australian high commision seeking an explanation.

Its a good note from Indian Government to seek an explanation on the other hand are Indians within India are not upto racist comments ? ?? What is Indian Government doing within India ?

For all the Charlatans, understand that we as an Indian, in front of a westerner, no matter how pulp white you are, we still are called "The Indians".